RPS Logo design and branding

RPS, short for Resources Prime Steel, is a reputable Canadian company based in Ontario, Markham. Over the years, RPS has garnered a strong reputation for being a top-tier supplier and service provider across various sectors, including Offshore, Onshore, oil & gas, petrochemical, water & Power, and the industrial sector. Their comprehensive range of products and equipment has made them a prominent player in the industry.

It's worth noting that Shoma.net, a branding agency in Dubai, was entrusted with the task of developing RPS's corporate design, logo, and full stationery design. Since then, Shoma.net has been collaborating with RPS, and we take pride in having them as a part of our company's portfolio. This collaboration between Shoma.net and RPS exemplifies our commitment to providing IT solutions, including corporate design, logo design, and full stationery design services in Dubai, to businesses looking to enhance their corporate branding and visual identity.

  • CLIENT Resources Prime Steel Company
  • WE DID Logo design in Dubai, corporate Identity design, and full stationery design services in Dubai.
  • CATEGORY Branding in Dubai.
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